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Added 04 December 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Several of our online readers weighed in on today’s Daily Nation story that called for mandatory testing for HIV for people admitted to the QEH. This was the conclusion of Dr. J. Peter Figueroa who spoke on the topic Paradigm Shift in Prevention Policy: A Public Health Perspective in yesterday’s HIV Research Symposium. Our online readers weighed in on this issue. Carl Harper: I am not clear on how testing all persons admitted to the QEH for HIV will "prevent" the infection, unless knowing the HIV status has more to do with protecting healthcare staff that would come in direct contact with the patients. In the interest of prevention, staff should be caring for all patients with the necessary precautionary measures in place. As far as pregnant women are concern, testing could mean being able to administer early treatment to an HIV infected mother, thereby preventing infection and saving the life of the developing fetus. I maintain that HIV testing should remain voluntary in the general population and at the QEH, except for admitted pregnant mothers. Donna Juanita Walrond-Howell: I agree 100%. Doing this would save plenty of lives. They are lots of young people who have this virus and have no idea until they are sick or spread it already to others. They should also have all kids in secondary school tested as well. Educate our young kids and try to save some of them. Ta-shasher Mayers: I think people have rights. When you say A you have to B...what if the person being admitted doesn't want to be tested, then what don't admit them. This is very serious and should be discussed and thought through very carefully before we have people seeking legal advice as to what their rights are. Conchita Moseley: Better late than never, it is our own responsibility to have regular health checks for the HIV virus.  

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