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Added 05 December 2012


Today’s Midweek Nation story which revealed that motorists are now enjoying a smoother ride on Highway 2 between Warrens and Jackson has our online readers talking. Here are some of their comments. Wayne T. Griffith: I work in Warrens. The area now has more roads and roundabouts that ever before but at peak times there is still congestion and everyday an accident. Traffic jams are now at different locations, that is all. Sara Hughes: Confused - since when did a double yellow line mean no turning allowed? Wayne P. Hoyte: Still a few things the authorities need to look at in the area before I praise them. Paul Tempro: So they saying they finally got it right the 15th time around???? I will have to critique that myself. With the amount of asphalt dumped in Warrens area and the constant paving and re-paving they actually finish or are they on Christmas break?

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