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Added 07 December 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Today’s Weekend Nation story about the health and emotional state of the father, Dave Searles who collapsed after discovering his five-month-old baby boy dead, has our online readers buzzing. Many readers expressed sentiments of empathy and sympathy to the father, while some expressed anger at him forgetting his child in the back seat of the car. Here are their comments. Jewel Forde: Dear God in heaven! I cannot begin to imagine the depth of their heartache. Gail Jewel: Best to leave the whys and hows to God. This is beyond strange!  My prayers to all the family and especially for the father as his pain cannot be imagined. Queenie Goddard: Whether it was an 'honest mistake' , or whatever it was , I do know he will have to pay. Before the court , before his family , he will pay for the rest of his life. Kamalu Parris: I  know him from when he was young, I don’t  think anyone has or had anything bad to say about him. He loved his children, he would do anything for them. I hope he recovers but it will be hard. Conchita Moseley: The only person with the honest answer to this horrific tragedy is, "The father of the infant." A thorough investigation and a post-morten is needed. Personally this story is hard to comprehend. . Regardless of what happened that morning, the father has to take full responsibility for death of his five month old son. The why if, what, how isn't going to change what has happened. We can only hope that this family can cope and the community should join together in supporting this family. Kim Riley: I feel for this father and I do believe it was an honest mistake. I did the exact same thing except my honest mistake didn't end in tragedy. I have driven to work hundreds of times after dropping my kids at daycare and it’s like you're on auto pilot. One particular day I had to go out of my way and dropped my oldest daughter off first and then continued on to work as I did every other day for years. Because the baby was asleep in her rear facing car seat I didn't hear or notice her there until I arrived at work and realized I had forgotten to drop her off. It was simply out of my normal routine and could have been equally as tragic. People need to back off this father, he already has to live with the loss of his child and the guilt of it.

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