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Added 08 December 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Once again our online readers are engrossed in the actions of the teachers at the Alexandra School. This time the teachers involved in the dispute with principal Jeff Broomes walked out during this year’s speech day and returned 35 minutes later when the principal was finished giving his report. Our online readers were quick to comment on the latest developments at the St Peter institution. Michelle Joseph:  One great example of a mature professional. These teachers need to show the students what proper behaviour is, not tantrum behaviour. Now when the students come back to class and do the same thing it will be a problem. Grow up for crying out loud and be a proper example!! Makes one wonder why there are problems there. Brownsugagal Jozi: I am certain if their own students walk out of their class because they don't like what is going on and can’t get their own way they would be considered rude . But these idiots that calling themselves teachers who are setting the perfect example behave like a spoiled child when they can’t get their way. Why didn't they just stay at home...I smell Mary Redman behind this. Conchita Moseley: This exposes real ignorance. Why attend in the first instance only to walk out. That’s so rude, presumptuous and unprofessional. These people are a disgrace! Jozette Bibby: These spoiled "children" cannot behave themselves. When the children behave as how they are behaving when they cannot get their own way I am certain they will have issues with them and call them rude but example is the most powerful teacher. Carl Harper: When is the BSTU going to direct its anger towards the prime minister for dithering on the final outcome of the Alexandra School saga, by protesting outside Government Headquarters or Parliament? I am beginning to consider the BSTU a spineless bunch who revels in preying on a seemingly defenseless and battered principal, ad infinitum. The Inquiry into the school has been conducted, and the report submitted and laid in the House. Now is time for some kind of decision by the prime minister. Instead all the people of Barbados get is inaction and empty promises. It is time the BSTU redirect its fight to the prime minister and Cabinet  where the decision on the costly and protracted Inquiry originated, even with the availability of a report in the Ministry of Education. Tony Webster: Thank goodness that we shall soon have the first sitting of the new COI which will be charged with "studying and interpreting" the Waterman COI, as this urgently needed to structure a separate Committee which will in turn make recommendations for the phased implementation of all the recommendations, after Cabinet has had a chance to calalogue, analyse, prioritise, and prepare an implementation project-plan. If we can get the EU to dish-out a couple big ones (they are seemingly on a roll what with the resurrection of the Lions eye-wing)  there's a good chance that we can move on to structuring of a new, high-level COI to advise how we can (in the middle of an election campaign) urgently build the cupboards and shelves where all these reports will be safely stored and rest peacefully for ever and ever. Amen.

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