MPs: Stop playing politics


Added 18 December 2012


Denis Kellman, Kenny Best and Patrick Todd called for better examples from their parliamentary colleagues after tempers flared over the costs of gloves in the House of Assembly today. Kellman said it was “regrettable” that such an important debate as the resolution for a $9 million supplementary to fund the national HIV-AIDs programme was clouded in politics. He, therefore, called on colleagues to be more concerned about Barbados being able to go to the Washington-based World Bank for loans to protect Barbadians’ lives, rather than coming to the House “playing politics and downgrading a serious debate” because a general election was drawing nigh. Kellman called on Opposition Member of Parliament, Rawle Eastmond, who was in the House at the time, to use his seniority to help lift the debate. Best, meanwhile, said he could not understand why there would be a political divide and attempts to score political points over the price of medical gloves, which had been the subject of heated words between Opposition MP William Duguid and Minister of Health Donville Inniss. (RJ) Full story in tomorrow's MIDWEEK NATION

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