'DLP boxed into corner'

shadiasimpson, shadiasimpson@nationnews.com

Added 22 December 2012


THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY GOVERNMENT has boxed itself into a corner by not calling general elections much earlier, and this week’s downgrade by rating agency Moody’s will not make life easier for the Freundel Stuart Administration. This was the response of political scientist Peter Wickham when asked what effect he thought the downgrade by Moody’s of Barbados’ credit rating to Ba1, into junk territory, would have on the elections. “I don’t think it does anything more than cement in the people’s minds that things are not good,” Wickham said. “I had said a while ago that I thought because of these things that it was unwise for Government to take [the elections] this far down. “When the last downgrade was held [by Standard & Poor's last July] and [goverment] had called an early general election they could have avoided all of this. (JS)

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