Three home for Christmas

Ricky Jordan,

Added 22 December 2012


As loved ones across the world prepare to share the warmth of this season, Clifford Anthony Boxill, Patrick Greaves and Vincent Murrell are more eager than most to enjoy the company of loved ones. These three convicted killers have spent between 21 and 30 years in prison; Boxill entered the walls of the now burnt-out Glendairy in 1982, Greaves did so two years later, and Murrell in 1991. Each came out of HMP Dodds, St Philip yesterday morning with varying emotional reactions as they walked straight into the arms of waiting relatives. Boxill, embraced by his sister Margreta Smith, brother Ronald, niece Kathy-Ann and friend Cicely, told the SATURDAY SUN: “I am good, real good! And I’m looking forward to spending some time by my mum now.”

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