What's Trending:  BLP CLICO plan 'no good'

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Added 08 February 2013


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending in Barbados. Our online readers today are today about Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s statement that the BLP’s plan to repay CLICO cannot happen and any solution must be done systematically. Here are some of their comments. Angela J Thompson Branch: Well it sure is better that some one tries to help these policy holders and not just talk are they to wait for phase ,phase ,phase after being told their money was safe? Roses Stuart: Okay....seeing that you are stating it is no good can you tell us what the BLP plan is and also what your plan is? I have always been told when you are going to knock an idea ,ya need no come with a solution. So ....let's hear your solution DLP! Carl Harper: Another set of propaganda. When the Eastern Caribbean ministers of finance had a plan in place, Mr Sinckler was caught unaware and was in the process of talking about convening a meeting with them. Mr Sinckler you cannot refer to the policyholders as "so-called policyholders" and not expect to feel their wrath. The point is that the CLICO policyholders feel abandoned by the DLP government, and want to see avenues explored on how they could recoup their losses.

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