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Hold politicians accountable, says Eastmond

CAROL MARTINDALE, carolmartindale@nationnews.com

Added 12 February 2013


Politicians who represent people should be held accountable for what they have done during their time in office. They must show what programmes they have completed and what policies have been implemented to help the people. So says Barbados Labour Party's (BLP) St Philip West candidate Lynette Eastmond while addressing supporters at St Patricks, Christ Church on Monday night. Suggesting that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate David Estwick "has done nothing during his time in office" Eastmond credited him for placing plants in the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, during his tenure as Minister of Health. She said he had not developed any programmes as Minister of Agriculture, or during his stint in the Ministry of Economic Affairs. "A new day has to come in Barbados when ministers are made accountable as people employed by you and Members of Parliament representing you; where you ask them, "What have you done for the five years you have represented me?" "It is a serious thing representing a constituency and people. It is one of the most serious obligations one can undertake," Eastmond stressed. She added, "I believe the time has come in Barbados where you vote for people who will work for you, people who will listen to your concerns and offer to help," Eastmond added.  

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