Luciano thrills youth


Added 15 February 2013


Ellerton Playing Field was a sight of blue and yellow last Saturday night when the Democratic Labour Party held its Youth Rally there. Dubbed a showcase of culture, the entertainment package featured favourite local artistes like Soca Kartel, Mr Dale, Biggie Irie, Lorenzo and soca queen Allison Hinds. The massive crowd waited patiently after hearing speeches from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, DLP candidate for St George South Esther Byer-Suckoo and Minister of Youth Affairs Stephen Lashley. Soca Kartel took the audience down Crop Over 2012 memory lane with some of their popular hits. Biggie Irie and Mr Dale whipped party people in a frenzy with their songs rewritten for the DLP campaign. Biggie Irie had the crowd under his command as they sang along with him: “Dems in the morning, Dems in the evening, Dems in the night time, we voting fuh Dems, Dems, Dems.” But the real treat for the night was Luciano. The Jamaican artiste hit the stage with staff in hand and sang most of his popular hits, including Sweep Over My Soul, Lord Give Me Strength, Give Praise and more. During his string of selections he paid tribute to Bob Marley. Patrons got into the mood with some grooving while others waved the flags they had in hand from side to side. Within minutes of his performance the music stopped and Luciano told the crowd that they should vote DLP come Election Day. “As a people I feel you should give the Government dem ah chance to prove themselves . . .One term is not good enough,” he said to loud cheers and screams of those at the rally. (TTY)

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