Things Bajan: Holetown Monument


Added 22 November 2012


For the month of November, we will focus on things Barbados as this country celebrates its independence. Every day we will be highlighting Barbadian sayings, artefacts unique to the country, as well as personalities, icons, some places and things that reflect Barbados. The Holetown Monument is the focus of Things Bajan today. On the forecourt of the Holetown Police Station, part of the old James Fort, is the Holetown Monument. The tercentenary of the ‘rediscovery’ of Barbados by Englishmen in the Olive Blossom was erroneously celebrated in 1905. In fact, the Olive Blossom (or Olive) came here in 1625, but the error, begun by a writer named Purchas in 1625, and perhaps a “writer’s devil’ was repeated by subsequent historians. Hence, lavish celebrations took place in November 1905, with the issue of an Olive Blossom stamp, a state procession to the Garrison Savannah, the erection of the Holetown and Indian River Monument, and a regatta in Holetown Bay. • Source: A-Z Of Barbadian Heritage

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