Randy tops all as Nation celebrates

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 23 November 2012


Randy Phillips was the toast of the Nation Publishing Company yesterday. Phillips, who is a supervisor in Nation subsidiary Imageworx, copped two top prizes at the annual Employee Appreciation Day and Staff Awards. He was a popular winner of the Spirit of St Mary’s Row and Key Employee awards. To qualify for the Spirit of St Mary’s, Phillips had to impress the Publisher and Chief Executive Officer that he best exemplifies that spirit of unselfish dedication, sacrifice and loyalty to the newspaper that characterized the early days of THE NATION’S experience. As key employee he topped in exemplary work attitude, consistent productivity at a high level and cooperation with management and peers and commitment to the company. In addition to responsibilities in his department, Phillips is a long-standing member of the Humanitarian Team, a charity group at the company, and assists with photography in the editorial department. (YB)

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