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Added 23 November 2012


Today’s Weekend Nation story where attorneys representing a businessman are asking a judge to send businessman Joseph Jordan to prison for breaching a court order, has our online readers talking. Several of them were quick to offer their views on this issue. Tony Waterman: This is a classic example of why the judiciary in Barbados is in such a mess, this Guy Jordan is always displaying hat he says prove that he is the owner of this disputed property, yet he is in court, had a court order against him which he ignored and might go to jail. Why does someone in authority (The CJ perhaps) halt this Case and examine those papers and titles in the land office, to see if this guy Jordan has a case as he has always said he did. Maybe there is a grave injustice being perpetrated here — a case of Davis vs Goliath. Carl Harper: What were you thinking, Mr Jordan? You don't mess with a court order, regardless of how unfair it may seem. Let justice run its course and hope that one day you can prove that the law is just an ass. Mega Turney: Don’t give up Joseph Jordan fight for what is yours. Don’t let the big fish take what is rightfully yours. Simon Gooding: Big fish eat small fish...in the name of de law. Robert Shiels: This man is standing alone against so many. I salute him for taking the stand against those who use money.

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