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Added 24 November 2012


Some of Barbados’ talented youth used the medium of the arts to expound on issues affecting them at The Plantation recently. Topics addressed through their expression included substance abuse, domestic problems and lifestyle consequences. The Youth Talk Through Arts showcase has been included as one of the projects of the Caribbean Youth Think Tank within the framework of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Youth-In Programme. The showcase was initially launched as the brainchild of Shari Pollard, a young cultural entrepreneur (Trident Productions) who has since been selected as Barbados’ representative on the Caribbean Youth Think Tank. The UNDP fully endorsed the initiative, providing funding and support to the promotion and production of the showcase throughout the Caribbean. It was followed by one in St Lucia and then Dominica over the past two weekends. The Ministry of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth was a partner in the project with the hope that it would be a platform to promote the work of the ministry and other agencies – such as the National Council On Substance Abuse and the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme, among others – in the area of youth development. Last year, in commemorating International Year Of The Youth, Pollard launched the showcase to facilitate young choreographers, dancers, actors, vocalists and other performers in order to showcase work centred on specific themes. The event was said to have exceeded expectations. (JS)

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