'Signs of bias' in school report


Added 25 November 2012


THE REPORT of the commission of inquiry into the administration of the Alexandra School has left many unanswered questions and seems to place the interest of the children on the back burner, says a document critical of some of its contests. In an excerpt obtained by the SUNDAY SUN, and which principal Jeff Broomes confirmed yesterday was part of  a 126-page document prepared by him and his legal team, there is the view that Commissioner Frederick Waterman’s report, laid in Parliament last Tuesday, showed “clear signs of bias, misrepresentation, statements and conclusions that do not emanate from the evidence given” at the July-August inquiry. It also accuses the commissioner of using “assumed evidence from persons who were not exposed to questioning by attorneys, but quoting verbatim the submissions of the deputy principal and Barbados Teachers’ Union (BSTU) members”.   “One is also left to wonder why there has been no mention of the school’s performance and improvement over the past ten years in areas of academics, discipline, sports, culture, innovation, student opportunities and exposure, and student/staff affirmation,” the document stated.

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