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Added 25 November 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Today’s Sunday Sun front page story “Our Jeff” reports that a faction of students has  risen at the Alexandra School who are unhappy with the recommendation that principal Jeff Broomes be separated from the school. Several of our online readers were quick to offer their comments on this contentious issue. Paula Richards: Ahh yes, the little rebellion has begun. I am not in the least bit surprised at this. If Mr. Broomes is indeed removed from the school as the inquiry suggests, expect things to get a little more heated where the students are concerned. I don't think the powers that be considered how students would react to such recommendations. But I'm sure some folk will say, the children don't really have a say in this matter. Jamal Slocombe: This is a tough one eh? I think in spite of everything, people should remember that without students the purpose of a school is irrelevant. Spooner Lorraine: It’s not fair to say that the powers that be have not considered the reactions of students. They have and that is one of the reasons why this matter of the report wasn't dealt with a little earlier in the term. There are so many things that have been considered. Mr. Psychotic: I knew it was coming to this.  Action should have been taken swiftly and decisively (not that I necessarily agree with the action, but whatever it is to be, it has taken too long).  This protracted situation will have a bitter end for all except Ms. Redman and her relentless team. Tony Waterman: Sole Commissioner Justice Frederick Waterman got it terribly wrong. Perhaps the children will lead them.

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