BLP behind Duguid

Barry Alleyne,

Added 27 November 2012


THE BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY (BLP) is defending member William Duguid, saying he was provoked into his actions in Parliament last Tuesday which led to a national apology days later. Duguid called a Press conference last Friday to apologize for his words and actions in the House of Assembly, after his caustic comments to Minister of Health Donville Inniss were broadcast. But the BLP family united as one Sunday night during a mass political meeting in Brittons Hill, St Michael, saying Duguid had done the right thing to apologize, but that he was provoked into his actions by nasty comments from the Government bench. “I want to thank William Duguid for his decency and graciousness in doing the manly thing, and rescuing our Parliament from where it would have plunged to,” former Prime Minister Owen Arthur told the massive crowd at Villa Road before starting his speech.

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