What's Trending: Ri-Ri bares it all

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Added 27 November 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. The story everyone is talking about in today’s Daily Nation is Rihanna appearing nude on the cover of GQ magazine. The singer who is no stranger to controversy, has some of our online readers buzzing about her role as an ambassador for Barbados. Here are their comments. Tony Webster: Me thinks that the shelf where diplomatic passports are kept awaiting issue to "Worthy Bajan Ambassadors", has a new label: "Issue with great care". Whadda we do now…buy it back?...before things go up to a lower level? Lower level? Or maybe, we await 840 million views of "something" that will reflect our "National Pride"? Cheese On: This is Barbados's Ambassador? Really? Leaves a lot to be desired. Paul Tempro: O lawd... The quarrelling-programme will be busy with this. Thora Jones: Let me see now, on her Twitter page, on TV, and in magazines and songs, Rihanna promotes drinking, marijuana smoking, disgraceful vulgarity, nudity, S&M, gun tattoos and violence, the "thug life" (tattooed on fingers), her abusive boyfriend, trips to female strip clubs, etc.  For no apparent reason, she recently tweeted the words "Raise your guns."  She also tweeted that she misses Vybz Kartel.  Vybz Kartel is an alleged murderer awaiting trial in Jamaica!!! My question is, "Why in the world is this person a government appointed ambassador for Bajan youth?  Why is she being promoted as "The Face of Barbados" in upcoming ads promoting Barbados?  What message is the government trying to send to Bajan youth and potential tourists? At a time when youth violence, violence against women, and drug abuse appear to be growing problems in the society, it is very strange and troubling that the government is holding up such a person as a role model.

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