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Added 29 November 2012


The Weekend Nation has revealed that a turf war has been waged for control of the Barbados Cadet Corp which has resulted in the resignation of Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Browne. Browne has held the post of Cadet commandant since 2004. He stepped down after losing a legal battle against the chief of staff of the Barbados Defence Force. Our online readers weighed in on this story. Carl Harper: Where was it so blurred that Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Browne would not have known that the Cadets fall within the ambit of the Defence Force? It's just power play by the boys in uniform and boots. Thankfully it was settled in a court of law. Sandrea Butcher: Lt Col Browne seemed to have had a moment of madness. Since its inception, the Barbados Cadet Corps (BCC) has been a youth wing of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF). The BCC has depended on the BDF for administrative support. The rank structure is a carbon copy of the BDF. The BCC even uses the same service writing as the BDF. During the 'falling out' between the two units the cadets could not use the weapons of the BDF. I remember the days when the senior members of the BCC represented Barbados at international shooting competitions and brought back home the spoils. Even the sea cadets have to use the resources of the Barbados Coast Guard. Man wha' he did really mean by "was not a unit of the BDF"? Chris Evelyn: Growing up as a young cadet we were always taught that the Cadet corps was a legal arm of the Defence Force so I’m not too sure what he thought he would accomplish by taking his grievances to court.

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