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Heather-Lynn Evanson,

Added 16 November 2012


The island's biggest rock/alternative concert last weekend wasn’t just about the big names of local music. And that was the way organizer, promoter and musician John Roett wanted it. Yes, it was impossible to take the limelight away from Kite, Threads Of Scarlet, Cover Drive and Nexcyx – who could be called the big four of the night – but, said Roett, he wanted the night to be about new acts and original material. He opened the show with Fighting Traffic, a local band, which while on Facebook, was not really on the local touring scene. “I was very pleased with everyone on the show,” Roett stressed, singling out that band and PSILOS. “Fighting Traffic, I don’t think they get a chance to really play live all that often and I think putting them first to open the show, they set the tone for the show,” he noted, adding one stipulation he had set for all the acts was that they must play original music. Roett noted he was also very impressed and pleased with the crowd’s response to all the artistes. “I was talking with Trinidad band Kin [Sound System] after and they were really impressed that Barbadians gave it up for them without really knowing them,” Roett said. “I found the entire audience gave it up for every act and it was really cool that every band did their own songs because that was one of the stipulations,” he added. Roett further told the WEEKEND NATION that the debuted talent on the night lent credence to the fact that there were many talented artistes who were writing really good music in alternative genres. All they wanted was a break. “So whether people view [the show] as a success or not, giving talent the opportunity for people to hear them was what it was all about,” he stressed, adding that he planned to make the show an annual event. Roett further noted sponsorship was difficult to come by and he thanked those that came on board for the eight-hour show last Saturday.

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