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Added 19 November 2012


The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) is ready for a bigger stage. And if Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley has his way, the next phase for NIFCA is marketing it as an international festival. “I am sure that you will agree that NIFCA is a natural attraction not only for Barbadians, but for visitors who can bring much valuable foreign exchange to Barbados. “While we view these fantastic exhibits in awe of their sheer excellence, our focus through exposing NIFCA to the world, can translate into sales of the exhibits as well. “The potential for global presence is there. This must be the way we seek to diversify our economy, through transforming our cultural sector into a full-fledged industry in its own right,” Lashley said. Speaking to artists and guests at the opening of the NIFCA Visual Arts Exhibition at the Old Spirit Bond, Wharf Road, The City, on Sunday, Lashley said there was no doubt that NIFCA had consistently served as the national platform for recognizing artists’ success, and it remained the penultimate stage for artists who want to be recognized for their creativity and skill. “No other forum in Barbados so consistently affords our creative practitioners the opportunity to compete nationally for awards as at NIFCA. “Indeed, winning a gold, silver or bronze is the stamp of recognition that can often carry artists and the brand of Barbados on to the international scene,” he stated.     Lashley said he was confident the winners in this year’s exhibition were destined to contribute to Barbados’ artistic presence on the world scene, but they needed support to do it. “They need our expressions of confidence in their talent, and in what they do. They also need our expressions of confidence in ourselves and who we are. “We need to do this, if indeed we are to succeed in inspiring the rest of the world to take the time to experience and to invest in Barbadian art,” he urged his audience. The exhibition runs 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through November 24. (YB)

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