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Added 19 November 2012


The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados. The Barbados Tourism Authority is today taking some lashes from online readers who disagree with its plans to bank on the marketing power of Rihanna to help this country's tourism sector in the midst of a worldwide recession. Readers say the BTA needs to focus attention on the issues plaguing the sector and not on the international super star. Ashley Sterling: “The BTA should stop focusing on Rihanna and start reading the comments left by tourists on all those online vacation sites. Bettering the country and the people is what would bring in tourists. Makes no sense ‘bigging’ it up through Rihanna, then when they get here they get mistreated and unfair service. Tourism was here before Rihanna, it'll be here after her too.” Charles Alleyne: “How could we putting all of our eggs in one basket? What are we hoping Rihanna would do? If the tourist wants to come we must sell the country to them and what it has to offer from its competitors and stop trying to think Rihanna is some Saviour. BTA try and put your heads together and present a better marketing strategy by looking at the social media, word of mouth with Barbadians promoting the island all over the world and looking into new markets.” Sharon Woolley: “The only way Rihanna could help is if she paid the cost for tourists! I'm not sure if the BTA have their heads buried deep in the sand on some West Coast beach….Barbados is very expensive, Barbados is getting to be a very  dangerous destination - robberies, killings and road safety is a big issue. Vacations are for relaxing not wondering if your flight home might be in a coffin. As a tourist that has visited Barbados 53 times, this is the first time in 21 years I decided not to go, and right now I can't see me returning, when other places have so much to offer, at a much reduced price and a lot safer. The BTA would be way better being run by tourists.” Visit the Nation's Facebook page for more comments

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