A united party, says Blackett

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Added 20 November 2012


Minister of Social CarE and Constituency Empowerment Steve Blackett was so frustrated with the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) six years ago that he gave serious consideration to resigning from the party. “In 2006 I was very frustrated with the party. I was raised by my grandmother and she always told me to stay away from bad company. At that time, I felt the DLP was bad company and I seriously thought about leaving,” Blackett, the Member of Parliament for St Michael Central, told a combined branch meeting on Sunday at Springer Memorial School, Government Hill, St Michael. And though admitting that he still missed the party’s late leader and former Prime Minister David Thompson badly, Blackett said he didn’t have those thoughts anymore. “We are more united as a party than at any other time in the history of this great party,” he said to steady applause.

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