Job training for disabled students


Added 15 April 2014


INCREASING EMPLOYABILITY of the hearing and visually impaired students will be in greater focus at the Irving Wilson School come September. “The programmes that we are looking at are gardening – that is the biggest project we are looking to re-establish – [and] we want to do barbering and aesthetics [along with] our living skills,” principal Wendy Blackman said following a recent presentation from the Lions International of $2 000 towards the school’s educational efforts. Housekeeping as well as lawns and maintenance are also to be added. “We want to introduce the skills and give each senior student an opportunity to learn at least three skills in the beginning. In the second year, the student can drop one subject and in the final year [the student] can drop another and focus on the one that [they] are very comfortable with . . . .” There are 43 students on the roll at the Irving Wilson School. Blackman noted that some employers did not give the hearing and visually impaired a chance. However, the principal believed the skills allowed them to work for themselves. President of the Lions Club for Christ Church West, Dr Celia Holder, said the donation was a part of an ongoing project to assist the school. The money was collected through fundraising events. (LW)

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