Back to the village (SLICE OF BAJAN LIFE)

Wendell Callender,

Added 27 December 2011


TO THE NORTHEASTERN END of Christ Church, almost bordering St George, sitting just on the edge of that central valley which still stands out for the greenery that remains as a relic of the old plantation days, Edey Village bears the hallmark of a community in touch with modern trends but still linked to traditional Bajan culture.     A few visits to the area in the pre-Christmas period brought this clearly into focus. The square still remains an area for the folk to converge for many of life’s activities. Wayne Griffith, who was born in the village and has been residing in England for more than 11 years but is now back in Barbados for the Christmas season, recalled how he organized events in the square in his younger days. He told us that these events included beauty pageants, music and sporting programmes in which the folks from Edey Village and surrounding villages like Boarded Hall and St David’s participated. International deejays When we met him sometime around midnight, he was one of the central figures behind the staging of a modern deejay show which featured some international deejays. The show, entitled Coming In From The Cold, aptly reflected the mood that Wayne exemplified. He told us: “I am overwhelmed to be back here for winter to be with all my friends in this warm climate.” Apart from his local friends, Wayne encouraged a number of his associates from London to make the trip to Barbados. They were all part of the activity on the night when the deejays held the spotlight. As a part-time deejay in London, Wayne was pleased to have some of his deejay friends there in the village for the event. These included Dooley Unruly from New York, DJ Iron from Antigua, his wife Lady Empress and a local contingent including Run It Red, Bard CEO, DJ Shank and Violation Sounds. These deejays took turns at the controls using their own variety of upbeat style to keep the crowd alive. Birthday celebration Wayne was also happy to be involved in the event because it served as a celebration for one of his friends, Richard King Richie Gibson, who was celebrating a birthday. Richard himself claimed a link to the Edey Village district through his late grandmother who was a resident of the area. Along for the celebration was Wayne’s cousin DJ Bard International of Hott 95.3 fm, who said: “I should be in my bed after a long day, but I had to be here for Wayne.” Daytime activity is much more traditional, as we discovered on another day when we were able to capture the scene of some youngsters playing a game of cricket on the road surface in the square. It reminded of the many such games played in villages years ago. Nearby the village folk found time to have a chat on a couch placed by the side of the village’s inner street, which was undisturbed by passing traffic. A standpipe placed strategically in the square was still very much in use for various purposes, as we observed. The folk in the square at Edey Village seemed exceedingly happy. Traditional community spirit was very much alive.

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