Winding down


Added 12 December 2010


TOURISM WEEK CLIMAXED yesterday with a spectacular parade in The City. And a number of small businesses and entrepreneurs took the opportunity to showcase their products and services to tourists and locals alike in Jubilee Gardens. Under the guidance of members of the Royal Barbados Police Force, a team of cheerleaders and dancers, along with a Mother Sally, tuk band and stiltsmen, paraded through the heart of Bridgetown, starting their lively journey from Heroes Square, going onto the crowded Swan Street, turning left at KFC, then right onto Lower Broad Street and ending in Jubilee Gardens. As they travelled the route, scores of curious onlookers, tourists and even shoppers rushed to comfortable positions to get a good glimpse, capture a picture of the parade, move to the rhythms of the drum, or to let their children better see the action. One of the organisers of the event, Madge Dalrymple, development officer of the Barbados Tourism Authority, said that based on the throng as the parade made its way through The City, the event was “well received”. Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and Member of Parliament for The City Patrick Todd were present. Addressing the occasion, Sealy said when the Government spoke of creating more attractions, it meant providing “opportunities for all”.   “We will definitely be looking at going into other areas . . . and we will look for ways in which we can improve and enhance,” he said. (MM)

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