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Added 12 December 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Today’s Midweek Nation front page story about the two constables facing sexual assault charges has our online readers talking. Here are some of their comments. J.C.P: The police force has to raise its standards again. John Da Silva: After the fiasco in the current rape trial where the victims are testifying for the accused, the whole world is going to watching how this unfolds. Kell Jo: Someone forgot the motto: To serve and protect. Titus Thomas: People, don't be so quick to judge, the guys are accused, only accused. Let justice take its course. Shawn Legend Austin: I say guilty as charged. To be accused of such a heinous offence you had to be doing something. A lot of these nit wits have no sort of respect for the people they swore to protect. They are so blinded by their  arrogance they think they're above the law. If these two have any kind of decency left they should jump off a cliff and spare the good people of Barbados the embarrassment. Margaret P Brathwaite Walkes: There is always a time when dark comes to light, but our force is not a bad one.  Like any other organization there are bad apples among us. Sharon Woolley: But if this is a set up Barbados will be shamed worldwide and tourism will suffer even more.  According to other media it's theft along with assaulting  women, either way it will bring more shame on a beautiful island and its people.

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