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Added 13 December 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Senator Geoffrey Cave’s views of the controversial Prevention of Corruption Bill 2012 in today’s Daily Nation has our online readers talking. Cave states that the bill has gone too far and threatens to discourage people from making a worthy contribution to public life. Here’s what some of our online readers had to say. Hutson Callendar: Why would the Corruption Bill discourage people from making a worthy contribution to public life? There`s a study that came out not long ago and Barbados was rated at # 15 and someone in Parliament said how proud he was of Barbados and when I saw that the USA is at # 17, two points below with a population of over 300 million and Barbados with just over 250,000  it left me thinking. Cornelia Daniel: Because it would expose a lot of them. Tony Waterman: Why would any sane person think that that anyone other than elected persons should be covered by this bill, someone did not think this through thoroughly before letting it get to this stage, The just released figures by Transparency International deals primarily with the public sector, so why are other areas being covered in our laws? This is going overboard.  Frank Husbands: I find Mr Cave’s contributions to be very open-eyed and non-partisan and I hope he continues making them. Here is a true bajan.

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