Classic vs Pelican

Ezra Stuart,

Added 14 December 2012


A call has been made for a champion-of-champions clash between new LIME Pelican football kings Akademiks and the winners of this year’s David Thompson Constituency Council  Classic. That call has come from long-serving parliamentarian Hamilton Lashley following The City of Bridgetown’s 2-1 victory over St Michael North in a rescheduled semi-final at Speightstown on Wednesday night. The City, inaugural winners of the Classic last year, will defend their title against Christ Church West Central in the final on Sunday at Kensington Oval.    “It must happen at all costs because we have to prove who are the real and true champions of out-of-season football in Barbados,” said Lashley, the tournament consultant for the Constituency Council Classic. “You are seeing the most attractive and the best football in these two tournaments. “I’m saying obviously, that The City or Christ Church West Central from the David Thompson and the Akademiks from up by me in the Pine, would prove to be one of the best and greatest games of football that we would ever witness,” he said. “The fans want it, we want it to happen, so it is just a matter of time,” added the MP for St Michael South East. Lashley said he would be talking to Mia Mottley and Randy Harris, two of the directors of the LIME Pelican Tournament and all the interested parties to see if the match could be staged. “This is what the fans want and it could be played just after Christmas,” he said, noting this year’s Constituency Council’s Classic has exceeded expectations. “It went exceptionally well. We had larger crowds this year. “We had tremendous support from the Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett, who is here tonight (Wednesday) as well as Mara Thompson and her three daughters, and the kind of enthusiasm that was shown in the communities across Barbados was tremendous,” he noted. Lashley said there was just one isolated incident last Sunday which led to the premature abandonment of the semi-final between St Michael North and The City. “We had a little incident which was caused by an over exuberant spectator but outside of that, it was an excellent tournament – tremendous crowds, excellent participation.”

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