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Added 19 November 2013


AND the winners are . . . Michael McChlery, Hilary Armstrong and Kirsten Dear. These three artists copped the prestigious Carmichael Prize [named after Dr Trevor Carmichael for his support and contribution to art] during the recently held art competition put on by Bridgetown Gallery, Sheraton Centre. McChlery took the Critics Prize for the Best Painting in Show by an Emerging Artist with his painting Young Cane; Burnt, while Armstrong received the Public Prize for her creation titled, Wake Up St John. Dear copped the Critics Prize for Best Painting by an Established Artist for her painting, The Bird’s Nest, an oil on canvas creation. This year marked the tenth anniversary of the Carmichael Prize which creates some hype among artists. Fifty-six paintings were judged and 34 artists participated in the competition which welcomed original compositions from one square foot to five square feet. Curator of Bridgetown Gallery, Martha Berry said she was pleased with the response by  artists, as well as the public, who were invited to cast their votes to help determine the overall winners. (CH)

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