Emily, 108, the oldest woman in Barbados

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Added 03 June 2011


EMILY CLARKE has seen more sunrises and sunsets than any other female living in Barbados – at 108 years old she has. Emily, who has been a patient of Ward Female 2 at the Gordon Cummins District Hospital since July 2009, yesterday revealed some brief patches of her life when the WEEKEND NATION visited her at the St Thomas facility. Sitting up in her chair she was a picture of one who has aged well. However, our interview revealed that she was not having her best day as conversation was limited and Emily was clearly having some difficulty remembering things.  Her nurse Maxine Shepherd, who has worked with her since she was admitted to the hospital, said that on some days Emily was very lucid while other days she was not. Emily said she was contented, however, to spend her days relaxing with the other patients who share the ward with her. “I am living happy and comfortable,” she said. (LK)  

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