Kids using 'food' to disguise sex talk


Added 26 March 2013


Concerns have been raised about the language being used by the island’s children. Rhonda Blackman, president of the Barbados National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Inc., told the DAILY NATION that many students were referring to areas of human anatomy as various food items, and this was worrying. “You hear children talking about eating pizza and parents may think it is pizza from Chefette but if you ask them, they tell you it is a body part. This is where the concern [lies],”she pointed out. She said the development not only proved that students were being exposed to content not meant for them, but also the need for more parents to pay attention to their children. She said that this kind of language started in primary school “but it filters through the secondary school and then into the society”. Concerned parent Ken Mayers said he witnessed foul language being used in the presence of teachers at a secondary school and they did nothing about it. “You have children shouting a curse word and a teacher passing and would never stop to correct that kid. So we have a situation where children are doing wrong and teachers behave as if they don’t have the time to deal with that. But each little incident that happens is going to create four or five more incidents because it will be seen as the norm." (MM)

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