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Added 17 February 2013


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes  a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Readers today are talking about the highly anticipated Nation/CADRES poll that shows Prime Minister Freundel Stuart leading a head-to-head fight against Owen Arthur in the lead-up to Thursday’s general election. Our online readers were quick to weigh in on this issue. Fabian White: Perfect scenario to get people to go and vote.... this shows that the independents have a say as usual. Nigel Downes: Polls don’t vote…people do. Julia Whitehall: The poll is to get the people out there to vote.  I hope none of the parties take comfort in any of the results of these polls. The only poll that matter is the one on the 21st. So B or D everybody must get out there and vote. David Windoze: Privatisation IS INEVITABLE. Both sides are using this emotionally-charged issue on the nationalistic Bajans to get political mileage out of this issue! All how we, many of these institutions must go, and we need to get over that grim financial reality! Shirnel Yarde: Are we really doing well if St Lucia AND Guyana can put measures in place to ease their people and their economies are growing why can’t we. Everytime they’re going to parliament they borrow money for insignificant things ,things which will not generate no income for us. Donna Burnett: Are Bajans so lacking in self worth? It isn't about party now, vote if you like yourself because  I sure as heck will not vote for a party that cursed June Fowler and all the women of Barbados. Unless Freundel does not know, the woman vote is critical....you have lost it. It amazes me how some Bajans prefer cussing and third form jokes and sophomoric activity and juvenile nonsense and not taking life seriously. Frank Fowler: 3.5% with the margin of error is a tie. This race is a toss up. Kayla Fagan: This has more to do with the drop in Chris Sinckler’s  popularity rating than Freundel's increase. What would be interesting is how the remaining percentages are distributed amongst Mia, Chris and Dale Marshall. Samantha Inniss: I remember PM Stuart saying he don't care about Polls not even Utility Poles. I wonder what is his tune this morning!!

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