On the line of duty

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Added 19 February 2013


Officers from District “A” Police Station were out in force yesterday, but there was no upsurge in criminal activity. They were busy fulfilling part of their duties in the lead-up to Thursday’s General Election. Armed with a skillet of white paint, brush and a long piece of wood, they were marking out the white lines around polling stations in five of the St Michael constituencies. The white lines, which are drawn 100 feet in both directions from the polling stations, enclose the “silent zones” on Election Day. No congregating or noise is allowed within those boundaries. A NATION team caught up with three officers in that line of duty outside Abundant Life Assembly, Bank Hall, St Michael, yesterday. Lead officer Sergeant Christopher Griffith said they got started around noon and completed 24 of the 42 polling stations assigned to them before 5 p.m. Griffith expects to complete the other 18 by midday today. (YB)

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