Four lose home


Added 19 February 2013


Joyce Graham’s St Michael home was extensively damaged and all its contents destroyed in a fire yesterday afternoon. The 73-year-old woman, who shared the uninsured three-bedroom wall house with her son Wayne Breedy and two grandchildren, was reduced to tears as she watched firefighters tackle the blaze. Graham, who had lived there from age five, said: “I ain’t save nothing – everything gone, gone, gone.” She said she was at home reading an election circular, after having given her infant grandson another to place in his father’s bedroom. “I was just sitting in the front [of the house] when I heard him shouting, ‘Gran, come quick! My daddy’s bedroom on fire!’ When I get there and try to catch water and wet it, by that time the smoke was too much and I could not see anything.  The fire was too much, so I just try to get outside and I do not know what else happen after that,” she said. (LK)

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