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Sinckler dismisses second poll

CAROL MARTINDALE, carolmartindale@nationnews.com

Added 19 February 2013


Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler is dismissing a second CADRES poll which has predicted a heavy loss for the Democratic Labour Party in Thursday’s general election, as “foolishness”. Speaking at a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) political meeting at Eagle Hall, St Michael, Monday night, Sinckler questioned the results of a second CADRES poll in three days, which showed the BLP could win between 17 and 20 seats on February 21. In a NATION/Cadres poll released last Sunday, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart was three percentage points ahead of BLP leader Owen Arthur (39-36 per cent) as the country’s preferred leader, with the BLP having a marginal national lead which could materialize into a close 17-13 victory at the polls. But in the second poll released Monday night, Arthur had surpassed Stuart with a 42 per cent to 34 per cent advantage as preferred leader, and the poll suggested the Bees would win possibly 20 seats in the 30-seat House of Assembly. “I am not a pollster or a statistician, but I know foolishness when I see it,” Sinckler told the large crowd. “I am not going to suggest the pollster is trying to sway the election, because I have to believe that Barbadians are far more intelligent than that. I know they understand when momentum is with a political party.” He said Barbadians had been coming out in their numbers to meetings and listening to the issues on hand. “Barbadians know the Democratic Labour Party is on its way to a famous victory in this election, and that irrespective of whatever poll they put out or push it, it is not going to save our resolve to save this country.” “Those of you who believe this foolishness about money in your pocket from the Barbados Labour Party, is going to get you anywhere other than some place in pain in the long run.” He warned that for Barbados Labour Party leader Owen Arthur to fulfill the promises made in the BLP’s manifesto if voted to power, thousands of Barbadians would have to be sent home because there is not money to finance all the BLP’s plans to reduce the cost of living. “Where will all that money come from?” Sinckler asked about the BLP’s plans to pay back over $800 million to 35 000 people owed by CLICO, reduce VAT back down to 15 per cent on food, and also reduce the cost of electricity, among other things. (BA)  

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