PM: DLP team best for Barbados


Added 20 February 2013


Prime Minister Freundel Stuart  last night reminded the country that he is a “leader and not a ruler” as he made his case for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) be given a second term in tomorrow’s general election. In a 30-minute television broadcast,  Stuart said that the DLP team on offer is the best for Barbados, having benefited from the experience of the last five years. Stuart was also quite critical of what the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) had to offer Barbadians since, he said, they had never accepted the electorate’s decision in 2008 to give the DLP a chance to run the country’s affairs, after their [the BLP’s] 14-year time in office. “When all is said and done, Barbadians had voted [in 2008] for a Government they could trust. In the final analysis, the assignment in this election is coming down a Government that can once again be trusted,” Stuart said. (BA) 

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