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Traffic changes for last lap political meetings

CAROL MARTINDALE, carolmartindale@nationnews.com

Added 20 February 2013

Police will be out in full force tonight for the last lap political meetings, as well as tomorrow polling day. A notice from police public relations officer Inspector David Welch said this was to ensure the smooth running of the activities and to ensure the safety of the public. He said all leave had been recalled to ensure that there was adequate manpower for tonight and tomorrow, and effectively to continue to police Barbados.  “Members of the Island Constabulary and some from the Government Security Guards will be incorporated into working alongside police officers,” he added.  He also noted that in order to facilitate tonight’s meetings, PSV’s have been re-routed from traveling through the meetings. “PSVs travelling from Hastings will divert at Garrison Road onto Beckles Road to rejoin the highway at its junction with Bay Street.  They will then divert at Jemmotts Lane and onto their respective terminus.   The PSVs on going out of the city intending to travel along Highway 1, will divert at Beckles Road, onto Garrison Road to rejoin Highway 1 at Hastings. Normal traffic will continue, however, depending on the volume of traffic, a decision may be taken to re-route all vehicles” stated the release. It also stated: “We will appeal motorists not to park indiscriminately; refrain from blocking entrances to businesses and refrain from blocking narrow avenues nearby.”

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