BFA denies sending document


Added 21 February 2013

THE Barbados Football Association (BFA) has denied circulating a document purporting to be supporting a particular party or candidate in today’s general election. In a statement to the media signed by new president Randy Harris yesterday, the BFA said: “We are surprised at [the] lengths that persons would go to undermine the integrity of the president and the members of the Barbados Football Association’s executive council.” The statement was in response to a document that was sent to the presidents or secretaries of clubs, urging them to inform their members that the BFA and its council members had endorsed a party. “We believe that the information espoused on the platform so far will be more beneficial to us as a national organization and we shall support them with our numbers. I urge you to inform your members so that the party of our choice will be victorious on polling day,” the document stated. It also claimed that members of the political party had “experience in organizing soccer tournaments and we believe that they have more to offer”. (EZS)  

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