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Added 09 September 2013


Readers today are talking about yet another “apparent suicide” that occurred yesterday in Passage Road, St Michael. Several readers weighed in on this troubling trend. Veronica Wiltshire Harewood: Something is definetly wrong in Barbados,I have never seen anything like this in all my life...do not judge as we are quick to do that,but when it comes to a situation you cannot trust anyone to say one thing to before you can hear it in a total different way ,all is kept bottled up. We are not our brother's keeper anymore. Jason T. Chandler: What really going on in Bim though. What could be the reason for so many people to take their own lives? Casey Collins: People finding it hard to believe things will get better when they have given it everything and they have ran out of options to the point where death is more attractive than the possibility of hope and having faith. Positivity isn’t something you acquire overnight it takes time, patience, self-reflection but you have to have that hunger for more the determination that this world is yours to conquer. Be the sledge to the wall....with each strike hit harder, hit smarter. Deswyn Haynes: It has nothing to do with politics or any government measure which has been put in place recently, some people feel there is no hope in life. You may see a person going along in life but you have no idea what they are going through mentally, emotionally or physically and they feel suicide is their only way out.

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