Settle claims 'with haste'

Marlon Madden,

Added 10 September 2013


Carl Hinds, 41, knows just how frustrating  it can be waiting for  the settlement of an insurance claim. The Sinckler Road, Haggatt Hall, St Michael resident said he was parked on Bibby’s Lane,  St Michael, in his ZM taxi with ten passengers on August 2, 2013, when  a vehicle ran into the  back of his van, sending it “about ten  feet forward”. He said  it was clear the other driver was wrong. Hinds is the father  of nine children and one grandchild – who all depend on him. The vehicle he was driving  was his source of income and he now has unplanned medical expenses as a result of the accident. Out of frustration Hinds called the DAILY NATION to plead with insurance companies  to move with haste in settling vehicular  accident claims. He said  in his case he believed waiting for a police report was not necessary.

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