What's Trending: Boyce lists QEH cuts

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Added 10 September 2013


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Readers today are talking about Minister John Boyce’s proposed cuts to the QEH resulting from this year’s budget. Some of our online readers weighed in on this issue. Bim Bum: I have already suggested token fees for things like prescriptions ($5 each) and surgeries ($100-200) to help defray expenses. Only the destitute shall be exempt, but most Bajans can well afford such token fees to help finance their hospital in this needy time! Ego Evaluation: The doctors got a cut in their overtime pay, while the police got overtime pay taken.  Also if there are not enough doctors now, how will the hospital manage with doctors on short leave not replaced? Tony Webster: Translation: any time spent waiting in the casualty...is certainly to be extended. And pray for our nurses and doctors, to have the same fortitude, and professionalism, to work (harder) without overtime. Give them, our gratitude, please! And if those who "rule" us, were to lead by example, and to cut their own emoluments... give them respect and gratitude also. Orson Arthur: If you can't go to the doctor, or the Hospital that means you are going to have a shorter life. Things at the hospital are bad. They are going to be worse now. Barbados need some kind of health care.    

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