Dems 'more visible'

Marlon Madden,

Added 11 September 2013


Barbadians can expect to see and hear more from their Democratic Labour Party (DLP) parliamentarians in the coming weeks. That is according to general secretary of the DLP, Minister of Industry Donville Inniss, who said it was necessary that citizens understood why Government had to take some decisions. “So, we can expect going forward, apart from the Sunday mass meeting, that there will be other opportunities for members of the public to sit and discuss issues of the day with their Member of Parliament and with the Government on the whole,” Inniss added. “We are not talking about political meetings but meetings where you can sit down in community centres and engage the public where they can tell us their concerns and we can let them know what decisions we are taking and why. And to make sure we have that two-way communication.”

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