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Added 07 September 2013


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Readers are talking about the backlash that prompted Pastor Grace Showan’s decision to take a backseat in an effort to help five children who were living in deplorable conditions. Here are some of their comments. Ali Johannes: This is not someone they found destitute on the street, clothed and fed them, then presented them on a stage - this is a family whose need was larger than what a single church could provide for and therefore they needed to extend that reach to the wider community. The church should be commended for doing what the social agencies didn’t. Rosalie Rose: I think the church should be applauded as it meant well.  However, if one child in the house is 18, he/she is of legal age and can speak on behalf of the others.  Was there a next-of-kin to these children?  Was permission obtained from the 18 year old, the next-of-kin or even the mother to go public with this family's plight? Was any attempt made to reach a family member and discuss the possibility of going public with them ?  All of the above factors, I  hope, were accomplished before the appeal was made to the public.  And as we made the contributions, we would like the church to use the same media to reply to these questions. Pan Wallie: So you are concerned about that? They didn't call Jesus precious, charming or sweetcakes, he was abused too and he carried on fervently with his purpose.  They will always be abusers (some tantamount to earth demons) among us.

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