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Ezra Stuart,

Added 31 October 2012


Two-time Mr Caribbean and 1976 Western Hemisphere winner Darcy Beckles has mixed feelings over the use of performance-enhancing drugs by senior bodybuilders. Beckles, arguably Barbados’ most decorated home-grown muscleman who won the Mr World Tall Class in 1975 and myriad other local and regional titles, believes that only certain categories of drugs should be placed on the banned list in the professional ranks. “I think that all sportsmen at the professional part of their life do take some kind of enhancing something because years ago, in my time, there wasn’t anything to use and you would not see a person performing at the level they are performing at now,” Beckles told MIDWEEK SPORT. “It means that something has to be going on for people to perform at this level,” added Beckles, who was ranked No. 7 in the world for three consecutive years in the mid-1970s after two second place finishes and a third position at the prestigious Mr Universe.

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