No, Darcy!

Ezra Stuart,

Added 02 November 2012


Don't send the wrong message on the use of performance-enhancing drugs by bodybuilders or other sportsmen! That stern warning came from the National Anti-Doping Commission (NADC) of Barbados yesterday when the body flexed its muscles, taking exception to remarks made by legendary bodybuilder Darcy Beckles, a former Mr World Tall Class champion and Best Poser awardee. Beckles, also a Mr Western Hemisphere winner, in an interview with the MIDWEEK NATION, suggested that only certain categories of performance-enhancing drugs should be on the banned list “in the professional ranks” and at “certain levels in sport”. “This statement reportedly made by a former experienced National Sports Council [NSC] bodybuilding coach goes against the virtues of anti-doping and clean sport,” NADC said in a statement yesterday, issued by its chairman Dr Adrian Lorde following a meeting of the commission on Wednesday night.

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