How to discover a cheating man


Added 05 November 2012


Dear Christine, Every day I read your column women are always complaining about the heartbreak men caused them. Since I had bad experiences with the last two men in my life,  I now feel I can give advice to women out there. If you meet a married or single man who tells you that he and his wife or female friend live together but sleep in separate rooms and have not had sex for years, he’s a liar and cheater. Why is he still in that marriage or relationship? Tell him to come and check you when he is single. When he is with you and sleeps with his cellphone next to him,  gets text messages and calls throughout the night, he is a cheater. If he gets out of your bed in the middle of the night to come back but does not say where he is going, he is a liar and a cheater. If he comes home and suddenly goes into the shower for no reason  at all, he is a cheater. If he is still in contact with and gets calls and text messages from ex-women, he is a cheater. If he has children from three or four different women,  he is a cheater. If you find out that everything he says is a lie, he is a cheater.  If he flirts with women openly in front of you, he is a cheater. Women, please investigate these kinds of cheaters before you get [deeply] involved with them. If possible, pay  a private detective to find out about them and seek to find out why all their past relationships failed. If, [after all your findings], you still  want to have sex with a man who is a cheater – please see to it that he takes an HIV test. Remember, if a man wants to have unprotected sex with you, it might be because he has a sexually transmitted disease that he wants to share with you. Please women, take  my advice and avoid the heartbreak that I went through. I will never trust another man again. – INFECTED   Dear Infected, I know there must  be a personal reason for all the advice  you’ve given and  I do appreciate the time you’ve taken to write this letter. Remember, however, that not all men are the same. There are still some good men around. Like you, I trust that women will take the advice to heart and do whatever they can to protect themselves from heartache and sexually transmitted diseases of all sorts. Again, thanks  for sharing. – CHRISTINE

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