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Added 06 November 2012


“The road to success is often faced with difficulty and failure. When this happens, don’t give up but humble yourselves and keep on trying.” Business students at Graydon Sealy Secondary School received this advice from Lisa Gale, executive director of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry, during a Personal Development Programme organized by personal development management teacher Angela Jackson. Drawing from her personal experience, the executive director explained that she experienced failure in her life at various times but persevered nevertheless. Instead of giving up, Gale urged the students to keep on trying and not give up. The students listened attentively as Gale related her journey and how she went on to get a job after leaving school and eventually earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. “In business you may experience failure. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t any good. If any of you have ever baked a cake, chances are that it wasn’t perfect the first time. “The oven could have been too hot and needed adjusting,” she said. Students were also told of the importance of developing a life plan and being punctual, as these traits would prove beneficial to them. During the session, Gale also fielded questions from eager students about the chamber’s work and its contribution to the business community. Graydon Sealy School (formerly Garrison Secondary School) was adopted by the chamber earlier this year as part of its efforts to become more involved in the community. The Personal Development Programme is endorsed by the BCCI’s Social Committee and is part of its outreach thrust to equip students with business, presentation and leadership skills. (PR)

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