$12 million 'well spent'

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Added 06 November 2012


SEVENTY-FIVE BARBADIANS are likely to get jobs as Barbados replaces its almost-unusable molasses storage tanks with three new ones designed and built locally in the Bridgetown Port. The concrete tanks, to be built at a cost of $12 million over the next 15 months, were yesterday described by Minister of Agriculture Dr David Estwick as “money well spent”, since they should last about 70 years with less maintenance than the old steel tanks. Work starts within the next two weeks, providing jobs for about 75 people, said project manager Mark Maloney of Preconco Limited. Announcing the project to the media, Estwick said the rum export industry, which brings in about US$50 million annually, had long been under threat because of improper storage facilities for its most integral ingredient: molasses. (RJ)

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