Be kind during recession, advises Sir Roy


Added 07 November 2012


As the current economic downturn hits more Barbadians, this country’s well-to-do have been told not to flaunt their privileged positions in the faces of those who did not. Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary Sir Roy Trotman sounded the advice as he said young people, especially, were less tolerant of such behaviour than their parents. He felt that over the years Barbadians had been very tolerant of fellow citizens who had become successful through hard work. However, Sir Roy advised that with five years of difficult times due to a global recession, it was unwise for those in Barbados who had remained generally unscathed to treat fellow citizens who might not have been so lucky as though they did not matter.   In an interview with the MIDWEEK NATION at Solidarity House, Sir Roy said: “By and large Barbadians are a very understanding community and they can live with their own level of difficulties while at the same time not overly envy you for your better fortune  . . . . “What people don’t like is that in addition to that, you take positions which seek to deny them even those little elements that may be their own and we are not comfortable when people begin to behave towards other people as though those other people don’t matter . . . whether it is in conspicuous consumption patterns or whether it is in our behaviour in public institutions.” (GE)

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